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Vigilance Department of the Bank is being looked after by Senior Manager from Sponsor Bank who is directly reporting to the Chairman.
The functions of the department are:
Issues circular guidelines on vigilance matters and vigilance policy of the Bank
Conducts Investigation based on complaints received which has vigilance angle.
Assisting in classification of cases
Have close liaison with Sponsor Bank Vigilance Department in the matter obtaining classification and I/II Stage advices.
Conducts surprise Branch Visits under preventive vigilance and follow up with various regions for disposal of observations.
Assists in preparation of charge sheets, conducts domestic enquiry by appointing EO and PO and issuing final orders
Appeals received from the aggrieved will be put up to Board for final disposal.
Reporting to NABARD with regard to various returns at quarterly intervals relating to frauds and embezzlements
Attending to court cases with the help of Bank panel advocates, liaison with Law Department, Sponsor Bank and also with Police Authorities.
Assists in conducting various board meetings as furnished hereunder:
Name of the Board Committee: Special Committee On Review, Monitoring And Reporting Of Frauds
Periodicity of the Meeting: Half Yearly i.e., for the quarter ending March and September of each year.
The meetings help in:
i. Identifying the system lacuna that facilitated perpetration of the fraud and to put in place measures to plug the same.
ii. Identify reasons for delay in detection.
iii. Monitor the progress of CBI/police investigation and recovery position.
iv. Ensures staff accountability at all levels in each case of the fraud.
v. To prevent recurrence of frauds by strengthening internal controls.
vi. Initiate any other measures relevant to strengthen preventive measures against frauds.

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